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Business and Logistics is what I do, with a passion.
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With Business Administration under his belt, Aaron has studied, understood and learnt how to utilise management theories and tactics in real life applications. Having the knowledge at hand, he is able to manage resources efficiently without skimping on effectiveness. Needless to say, he still has much to learn, and he is constantly finding ways to learn more effective, efficient and new ways of management.


Being in a business course, Aaron has grasp the fundamental basics of sales and understand how and what it is all about. He strives for more knowledge to further his sales skills and is constantly studying to improve what he already knows. Concepts and methods in sales are easily and quickly adopted by Aaron.


Since young, Aaron has always had interest in Logistics. His travels around the world with the family got him hooked on aviation and after much nurturing from his father in both business and logistics, Aaron grew passion. He’s constantly improving himself and learning everyday. Aaron has found that he learns more by being hands on. He’s took up internship with DHL Global Forwarding Indonesia and currently working eCommerce.

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Being in a family with deep roots in the Logistics, Aviation and Travel industry, Aaron has grown very fond of the business and strived to be successful in the field. Taking up the fundamentals of Business Administration and currently pursuing further education in Business Management and soon more in Logistics, Aaron is bettering himself for the future. He is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Singapore (CILT). He loves technology, bringing the two together, he is able to work in a very efficient and effective manner with little to no error involved.


Aaron is very particular. Being a kind of perfectionist, he strives for excellence and is persistent in only producing quality work. He takes pride in his work and substandard isn't in his vocabulary. He maintains this level of quality in order to work towards achieving his goals. He believes that success comes from hard work, perseverance and also thinking smart. A good balance of them are crucial to success.


Aaron's goal in life is simple. Make it somewhere in life, enough to be able to turn around looking back at life and saying "I've made it". He dreams of achieving a certain milestone in his life before he hits his mid twenties and this is what keeps him going.

Aaron writes! Read on his views, opinions and insight on the world!

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Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.
- F. Scott Fitsgerald

He’s sometimes ruthless and can come across as Mr. Know-it-All but the things he says does make sense and is of valuable insight.

Ingrid Novita ─ Withingrid.com

A very trustworthy, reliable young man with set goals and strong commitment to achieve them. If he plans it, he will make it happen.

Nilam Sari ─ INTI College Indonesia

He wants to know everything, so he always comes up with many reasonable questions. One of my favourite student.

Johny H. Siringo Ringo ─ Head of Informatics Engineering, Tanri Abeng University

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